JEREMY TING (Software Engineer)

About Me:

  • Engineer at Palantir.
  • Previously interned and worked with Jukely, Tumblr, and OpenTable, where I worked on search, recommendations, and a bunch of other great stuff.
  • Alum of the Cornell Tech Connective Media Lab (which was once called SMIL), where I worked under Mor Naaman for two years.
  • Recent Rutgers CS Grad.
  • If you appreciate the humor from Curb and Louie, I'll probably like you.
  • Publications:

  • Kivran-Swaine, F., Ting, J., Brubaker, J. R., Teodoro, R., Naaman, M. Understanding Loneliness in Social Awareness Streams: Expressions and Responses. Proc. ICWSM-14. Ann Arbor, MI. June 2-4, 2014. [pdf]
  • Xia C., Schwartz, R., Xie K., Krebs A., Langdon A., Ting J. and Naaman M. CityBeat: Real-time Social Media Visualization of Hyper-local City Data. Proc. WWW 2014, Seoul, Korea. April 7-11, 2014. [pdf]
  • Internet Things:

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